Infinite Fuels has engaged Concord Blue to plan  their proprietary waste to energy plant Concord Blue Reformer (CBR) for the Infinite Fuels waste to hydrogen project in Borgstedt, Germany. The CBR is a gasification plant utilizing feedstocks, consisting of waste wood (class AI/AII), non-compostable residue (NCR) and plastic waste. Through the Concord Blue Reformer® process the plant generates green hydrogen for any kind of hydrogen application like fuel cells in the mobility sector. This plant will be the biggest waste to hydrogen production plant in Europe and is designed to be in commercial operation in 2022. The Borgstedt project is developed by Infinite Fuels GmbH and Concord Blue serves as the project EPCM. Infinite Fuels has secured a 6mm fund from the EU LIFE program to transfer waste into fuels for this project.

About Infinite Fuels
Infinite Fuels GmbH, a German company located in Schleswig-Holstein is active in the field of the production of sustainable fuels like Hydrogen, Jet Fuel, diesel, gasoline and alcohols. To provide sustainable fuels at competitive prices Infinite Fuels couples the mobility sector with the waste sector. To achieve this, a concept for converting waste into fuels has been developed which is funded via the EU LIFE Program. With the construction of a first plant Infinite Fuels GmbH will become actively involved as plant operator in this lucrative and future-oriented business sector.

Andreas Noky
Managing Director
Borgstedtfelde 15,
24794 Borgstedt
Tel.: +49-431-36304246

About Concord Blue
Concord Blue is a waste solutions innovator that transforms nearly any form of waste into a variety of clean, renewable fuels and energy. Unlike other available waste-to-energy processes, Concord Blue’s unique process employs a patented technology called staged steam thermolysis to convert waste material using heat transfer instead of incineration – efficiently producing the highest quality syngas without combustion. Concord Blue operates globally, with offices in the United States, Germany, India and Taiwan.

Sebastian Flahs
Managing Director
Doncaster-Platz 5,
45699 Herten
Tel.: +49-2366-58380132